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Welcome to the official Susan May Gudge website, your authoratative choice of quality fiction books. From the unknown to horror filled with tragedy, Susan May Gudge brings fiction into your reality. Susan May Gudge's fiction books can currently be found at and brick and mortar stores like Barnes and Noble's. The stories will keep you at the edge of your seat in anticipation of what will happen next. Re-visit the Susan May Gudge official website every so often for information about upcoming books availability. Join the blog for facts and hidden treasures amongst Susan May Gudge's fiction writing. A surprise inside every book.
For the number 1 in fiction, choose Susan May Gudge.

Novels by Susan May Gudge

Ghost Generations

"Ghost Generations"

A young woman, the last of a long family line, visits the burial place of her ancestors. A strange family reunion occurs when she is joined by the spirits of her ancestors. Shadowing their joyful reunion, the lonely cries of a baby drift through the cemetery grounds. Doomed forever to be buried alone, away from his family, the tiny baby weeps. The chilling lamentations demand the truth be told, forcing the family to unearth secrets that had been hidden for generations, secrets explaining the short life and tragic death of baby boy Stefan.

"A heart-rending story, yet splendidly humorous in parts, covering many aspects of human life over the decades of each generation. It covers emotions and events such as death, funeral arrangements, family bonds, love, hate, murder, lesbianism, woman's rights and surviving life in changing times."

Blood Bride

"Blood Bride"

They are not Vampires, although their culture has left reminders behind that gave birth to many of the vampire legends known on Earth. The planet Vapir is a dimly lit world under a violet sky, a blue sun and a buttercup-yellow moon. The journey to Earth takes a little over a year but is considered to be a very important part of the Vapir culture. The people of Vapir are not able to bear female children, so when a young man reaches maturity at one hundred years of age; he goes to Earth to search for a Bride.

Eden's Truth

"Eden's Truth"

Travel back in time to when the scientists of the planet Heaven seeded the Earth to better understand their own evolution. Walk with the apes as they journey North through Africa to Eden where they meet two of the most famous people in history, Adam and his daughter, Eve. Know the amazing truth of the life of Eve; woman of beauty and intelligence, a scientist from Heaven, the Mother of Humankind, immortal Isis incarnate, first Woman and, of course, the Missing Link. Based on a true story.

Short Stories and Poetry by Susan May Gudge

Superstitious Nonsense

"Superstitious nonsense" is an expression that is usually declared before someone is proven wrong by fate, the gods or nature. Immerse yourself in this astonishing collection of 13 spine-chilling stories of 13 well-known superstitions. Each story is an extraordinary, hair-raising tale that will cause the reader to wonder... "What if...?"

Heart and Soul

"Heart and Soul: A collection of poems by Susan May Gudge" is a complete collection of the poetic works of Internationally known Fiction writer, Susan May Gudge. This compilation contains thirty-three short poems straight from her heart and her soul.

Being Trilogy by Susan May Gudge

Being Out Of Body

"Being Out Of Body"

After a near-death experience, Jane Elizabeth Doherty acquires the ability to leave her body while she sleeps. During her sleep travels, Jane meets two little girls. When one of the girls goes missing, Jane finds herself on the trail of a serial killer, stalking him in her dreams. Jane is able to watch him when he abducts women and girls and sees him kill, but is unable to interfere or help while she is out of body. She joins forces with Detective Sergeant Jason Priestly. Together, using his skill as a policeman and her skill with dreams, they try to stop a madman's murder spree.

Being Out Of Words

"Being Out Of Words"

Publishers are dying, one by one. Their throats have been slit, their chests cut open and their hearts torn out. The dark killer, nicknamed The Bookmark Killer, leaves complimentary bookmarks in his victims' chests, replacing their missing hearts. Fiction writer, Jane Elizabeth Doherty (AKA Jane Doe), teams up with Detective Sergeant Jason Priestly to try to stop the serial killer that preys on the elite of the publishing world.

Being Out Of Time

"Being Out Of Time"

The Dollhouse, a secret brothel that caters to the sexual depravity of the exceptionally rich, supplies kidnapped men, women and children of all ages to be used or abused at will. No limits, no restrictions. When Members start dying in mysterious fires, their hands severed from their corpses, murder, arson and kidnapping come to the attention of the police. Jane Elizabeth Doherty and Detective Jason Priestly's friend, Detective Jeffrey Peterson disappears after being seen chasing a red-haired woman, a possible witness, from one such scene of arson and murder. Trying to solve the disappearance of their friend, Jeff, they find themselves being drawn to the ancient cult-like community of Paxton. There, they get involved in something astonishing, mystifying and deadly.

Being Trilogy

"Being Trilogy"

Being Trilogy contains all three volumes; Being Out Of Body, Being Out Of Words and Being Out Of Time. Jane Elizabeth Doherty, fiction writer, and Detective Sergeant Jason Priestly team up and use 'Out Of Body Experiences' mixed with intense police investigation to help solve Murder Mysteries involving Serial Killers.


Loves Me Loves Me Not

"Loves Me, Loves Me Not"

After being abandoned at the altar on her wedding day by her childhood sweetheart, Harry, Brinda flees the pitying looks from the people in the small town where she was born and raised. Her first days in the big city intimidate here with the fast pace of city life. Even falling in love in the city seems too fast paced for the small town girl. When the handsome multi-millionaire computer software genius, Jake, meets Brinda, sparks fly. But, can the big city boy convince the small town girl that the love he feels is real and not just hot, steaming lust?

For Children by Susan May Gudge

Wuff Woo

Amusing children's book for ages 1 to 10 years of age. Written by Susan May Gudge. Illustrated by Charles Fox.

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